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Quietly Desperate

    It must have been in high school where I first heard the famous Thoreau quote: "The mass of men live lives of quiet desperation." At fifteen or sixteen, I'm sure I had no clue what Thoreau was getting at. For one, I was not a man, and, for me, "desperation" … [Keep Reading]


Why Do You Do What You Do?

    These days I am obsessed with why. As Simon Sinek illustrated in his viral TEDx talk, plenty of people know what they do and they even know how they do it. But ask them why they do what they do? Crickets. Recently, I've been playing with simple and … [Keep Reading]

Amazing, Two Years Old Baby Boy Dives Underwater

Tell Me Something Good

  There are times in any of our lives when we feel off step, out of sorts, maybe even stuck. For some of us, these moments come when we find ourselves at a moment of change. Maybe that change is something you've invited. Maybe it's univited. Maybe you don't even … [Keep Reading]

Own It!

On A Tightrope Over A Chasm of Failure

    I wonder about you. I know things are stressful, and you're unsure. Every day you question. Every day you worry that you don't know where you stand, and if what you're doing is appreciated. Or even seen as important by anyone. At all. I know it's … [Keep Reading]

Connect The Dots

Connecting The Dots

  When I'm not working directly with clients, I spend a lot of time connecting dots. Honestly, I'm reading all the time. Like this one: Mother May I? The author raises a fascinating question - are your work relationships adult-adult, or parent-child? I can see this … [Keep Reading]

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In Praise of Sleep

  Someone once asked me to define "extreme luxury."  My  answer came quick and certain: Going to sleep when you're tired and waking up without an alarm. Now, that's true luxury. Having lived a life full of late nights and missed planes and small children and smaller … [Keep Reading]

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"Michele, thank you so much for speaking to the Women’s High-Tech Coalition on Friday. We couldn’t have found a more perfect speaker for our audience and topic. The way you combine practical advice, humor, and examples is absolutely captivating. I’m not just speaking for myself. Several members in attendance offered the same overwhelmingly positive reviews. Considering our attendees spanned an age range from roughly their late twenties to early sixties, the fact that your remarks resonated with everyone really underscores how talented you are.

"Please consider yourself an honorary member of the WHTC. You are welcome to join us at any of our future events.

"Thank you again for being so generous with your time and talent.


Melissa Cortese Foxman
Executive Director
Women’s High-Tech Coalition

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