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Whether you need an intensive one-on-one program designed to meet your goals, or you have a team or group which needs to function better, I can help.

Myers-Briggs. Everything DiSC. 360 reviews. Appreciative Inquiry. Strategic alignment. Communications training. Leadership learning.

Finding a way through. Figuring it out. Making a plan.

I am here to work with you on whatever you need. Let me help.


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What I Believe

I believe work can be fulfilling. I believe you can thrive in your career. I believe now is the perfect time to start your own business. I believe that risk of authenticity is worth it. I believe that leaders who replicate their own dysfunctional family dynamic are the biggest threat to a workplace.

I believe in speaking up.

I believe that change is a constant. I believe that fear is crippling. I believe that there’s no such thing as “perfect”. I believe that someone right out of jail without a high school diploma can be a great employee. I believe that someone with an MBA can be a great employee. I believe that all great employees need a mentor.

I believe that the simplest solution is the best solution.

I believe that people are generally good, and want to help others. I believe you never really lose when you make a mistake – you get to learn. I believe most companies don’t really know how to compensate or incentivize their employees. I believe some great leaders are born, and some great leaders learn. I believe that workplaces can become better places.

And that’s why I do what I do.


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How She Really Does It with Koren Motekaitis

"8 years. 404 episodes. And I think there is still more to talk about. My friend Michele Woodward executive coach, is here to help me celebrate 8 years of How She Really Does It ~ the place where inspiration + possibility meet."
~ Koren Motekaitis

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Michele Woodward

Executive Coach and Career Strategist, author, speaker and teacher, Michele Woodward has the ability to help executives get clear about who they are and what they want to do, and to develop a workable action plan to get where they want to go.

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From The Blog

I’m Not Buying My Kids A Single Gift This Christmas

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Stack Of Handcrafted Gift Boxes

It’s true. I am not buying my kids anything this Christmas.

Not one sweater.

Not one electronic thingamajig.

No Word-of-the-Day 2015 calendar.

No Guinness Book of World Records.

No iTunes gift cards stocking stuffers (I mean, it’s all streaming music up in here, anyway).

No, I’m not purchasing any of those things this year.

Instead, my kids – almost 22 years old and nearly 19 years old) – and I are going to have an experience.

Or, more likely, a whole set of experiences.

Because instead of exchanging gifts, we’re going on a trip this Christmas.

To some place they’ve never been, and I’ve only visited briefly for work. A place with great history and a wonderful climate and world-class food.

A place that’s easy to get to and relatively affordable. Because we’re not Kardashians, you know.

It’s a place where we can all kick back from school, work and deadlines to just…be together.

And we’re being thoughtful about it. The plan is that each of us will plan one outing during the trip – and pick up the check – as a gift for the others.

Because when it’s all said and done, will any of us remember some electronic thingamajig or will we remember the three of us stumbling upon an amazing street corner concert and dancing like fools?

I have to tell you, for the first time in my adult life my holiday stress level is so low it’s hardly measurable.

Sure, there are some things I’ve lovingly sent to folks – a shopping process which feels very happy because it’s a delight, rather than a chore.

And, OK, you might think my family would feel short-changed because there’s very little under our Christmas tree, or that our Christmas spirit would be nil because why bother decorating if you’re not going to be home?

But quite the opposite has happened.

The house is more decorated than ever – because I’ve had the time to do it.

Christmas songs are on a continual loop on Spotify. Harmonies are happening.

The See’s candy box is in its usual place of reverence on the kitchen counter.

“Love, Actually” has been viewed.

And Christmas cards are done, stamped and sent.

(That last one right there is a Christmas miracle, I tell you. A true Christmas miracle.)

So, yeah, I’m not purchasing anything at the mall or online or from a passing peddler for my kids this year.

Instead, I’m giving them memories.

Which, if you want to know the truth, is my favorite self-gift, too.




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