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Whether you need an intensive one-on-one program designed to meet your goals, or you have a team or group which needs to function better, I can help.

Myers-Briggs. Everything DiSC. 360 reviews. Appreciative Inquiry. Strategic alignment. Communications training. Leadership learning.

Finding a way through. Figuring it out. Making a plan.

I am here to work with you on whatever you need. Let me help.


How Can I Help You?

What I Believe

I believe work can be fulfilling. I believe you can thrive in your career. I believe now is the perfect time to start your own business. I believe that risk of authenticity is worth it. I believe that leaders who replicate their own dysfunctional family dynamic are the biggest threat to a workplace.

I believe in speaking up.

I believe that change is a constant. I believe that fear is crippling. I believe that there’s no such thing as “perfect”. I believe that someone right out of jail without a high school diploma can be a great employee. I believe that someone with an MBA can be a great employee. I believe that all great employees need a mentor.

I believe that the simplest solution is the best solution.

I believe that people are generally good, and want to help others. I believe you never really lose when you make a mistake – you get to learn. I believe most companies don’t really know how to compensate or incentivize their employees. I believe some great leaders are born, and some great leaders learn. I believe that workplaces can become better places.

And that’s why I do what I do.


In The News

Beth Braverman at The Fiscal Times interviewed Michele about How to Land the Job You Really Want—Now.

Forget about “grabbing coffee.” One-on-one meetings have become rare. “With the pace of work today, a lot of people can’t spare the time to leave the office and meet you for coffee,” says Michele Woodward, a career strategist in the Washington, D.C. area. Instead, ask for a 20-minute phone conversation.

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The Team

Michele Woodward

Executive Coach and Career Strategist, author, speaker and teacher, Michele Woodward has the ability to help executives get clear about who they are and what they want to do, and to develop a workable action plan to get where they want to go.

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From The Blog

Is It Me?




See this book right here? The one looking like a sticky-note hedgehog?

This book, No One Understands You And What To Do About It by Heidi Grant Halvorson has just entered the pantheon of Books I Recommend Most Frequently.

Honestly, it’s terrific. And applicable to so many situations:

If you are starting a new job and want to make sure you get off on the right foot – read this book.

If you are often the number two candidate for a new position and want to make sure you’re the number one next time, read this book.

If, like Rodney Dangerfield, you don’t get no respect, read this book.

If you went to night school to get an advanced degree but no one in the office sees you as anything other than the former intern, read this book.

If you’re a leader, read this book.

If you’re not as successful as you’d like to be, read this book.

If you’d like to be closer to other people, read this book.

If you want to understand your marriage, read this book.

If you want to understand yourself, read this book.

I mean, people, if I haven’t been clear enough: Read. This. Book.

Heidi Grant Halvorson was a guest on my late, beloved podcast Wisework because of her earlier book Nine Things Successful People Do Differently (also on my Books I Recommend Most Frequently list, btw). So, obviously, I have joined the ranks of Halvorson Fangirls.

And I completely and utterly own that.

Heidi writes about complicated research with a deft and humorous touch, which serves to make the concepts that much easier to grasp. As in:

“This may come as no surprise, but powerful people are more likely to act like selfish jerks. Research by a group of Berkeley researchers, led by Paul Piff, has found evidence of power-induced jerkiness in even the most mundane daily activities.”

Don’t you love “power-induced jerkiness” remaining unedited in a book published by Harvard Business Review Press? Halvorson goes on to use the study as a way in to understanding why the powerful are so much different from those who perceive themselves to be less powerful (Just so you know, the big difference is because they powerful are thinking about their own goals, not yours).

Made me think about the inequality discussion in a whole new light.

And that is the marvel of this book. Read it and you will see things differently. You might even make some changes in the way you are doing things, so you have greater success (what she would call being Promotion-minded) or you might make changes so you can mitigate the chances that you’ll be misunderstood in high-stakes situations (that’s Prevention-minded – see, I learned something!).

Regardless, this book is a keeper. It’s practical, thoughtful, funny and purposeful.

In short, I liked it. Very much.  

I believe you will, too.


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