day lilies

An Ocean of Possibility

      Little tiny seeds get planted. Maybe they're put there on purpose. Who knows how? Maybe the wind blows them across water and over mountains … More

Horse & Carriage

Tell Me, Who Are You?

  They were at the absolute top of their game. Masters of their craft, they knew exactly what their customers needed. They knew how different materials created different … More

Sorry Charlie

What If It IS Your Fault?

    Last time we talked about those of us who always feel like whatever's happened is totally and 100% our fault. We're feel like we're always wrong, so we … More

Pink classical style Armchair sofa couch in vintage room

It’s All My Fault

    I used to be one of those people who apologized to chairs. As in, I'd bump into that striped easy chair in the living room and say, "Oh, I'm … More

Large collection of metal bowls full of herbs and spices

7 Questions I Asked Myself

  Even coaches need coaching. Maybe you find that amusing, or even startling. But the truth is: Growth never stops. I will never, ever be finished understanding, … More


Can You Take A Compliment?

  Contrary to popular belief, it is entirely possible to be too self-deprecating. It is extremely possible to be so very self-effacing that you wind up with no face … More

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"Michele Woodward has changed my life and she will change yours too if you are stuck or burned out. Fourteen months ago I was burned out, stressed out and ready to throw in the towel. Then I started working with Michele.

She has been brilliant in turning me around week after week, sometimes without me even realizing what was going on. Now I’m simply on fire. My work is spreading across the country and running my business has become adventurous, not treacherous. In my opinion, this is not the kind of long- lasting change one can make in a week or even a month, and certainly not after a single motivational speech. Michele Woodward will be my coach as long as she will have me and I recommend her with the highest level of respect."

J. Talty O'Connor
Founder, Covey Communications Corp.
Publisher of SportsEvents, ConventionSouth, Crossties, Condo Owner and other great national media brands.

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