Who Plans For Anything?



Back in October, I sat down with my Personal Planning Tool (yes, even though I wrote it, I do indeed use it).

And after I worked through the entire thing, reflecting on what worked and didn’t work in 2012 and what I’d like to do differently in 2013, I promptly put it in a pile of papers and didn’t look at it until this past week, when I re-discovered it as I was cleaning off my desk.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I reviewed the document and…

In four months, I had accomplished almost all of the things I hoped to do for the entire year.

I was pretty much gobsmacked. Could it really be possible?

Oh, it’s not like I set easy goals for myself, sugar. I stretched. I aimed high. For instance, I threw out what felt like a big number on monthly income, and a big number for increased traffic to my blog.

And I got ’em.

In the Career area I set out five goals, and four of them have happened. I am astonished to say that the fifth one is halfway done. I did both my key action items, too.

Yep, in every area – Career, Finances, Relationships, Health – there’s been surprising progress.

And here’s the kicker – which I am going to admit to you, right here and right now: I haven’t really been paying attention.

I haven’t been obsessing, or checking, or even really focusing. In fact, I’d completely forgotten where I’d put the worksheet.

My goals were only in my consciousness because I had written them down, and given myself permission to go get them.

Which is probably the single most important thing I want you to know today:

The greatest gift you can give yourself is the courage to have goals.

Know your “why” around them.

Invite them into your life.

Write them down.

And then allow your better self to take the steps needed to get those things done.

Perhaps even while you are doing other things (or maybe just think you are), your intentions will be running like a background program, setting up real success in your life.

This week, as I looked over my plan, I was filled with a gratifying sense of accomplishment. I did what I said I would do – which feels like progress – and the reason I’m doing it feels entirely validated.

I’d like you to know that feeling, too.

Thoreau famously said “the mass of men live lives of quiet desperation”, and my guess is that those guys didn’t make a plan and put it away, only to realize later that they had achieved precisely what they set out to achieve.

Personal power, resilience and fulfillment trump desperation every time, darlings. Every time.

Go ahead. Give it a try. You can download the 2013 Personal Planning Tool PDF yourself. I wonder what you will get done in the next few months…while you aren’t even paying attention.

Oh, by the way, the Personal Planning Tool asks for a theme song for 2013. Mine? Steve Miller’s Fly Like An Eagle.

It’s fun to be soaring, baby. Wanna do it together?



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